Level Description


In BeSwing we believe that everyone knows at what point his or her the dance is. We will not audition, but teachers will be able to re-locate someone in the event that they are not at the right level in order to guarantee good learning.

We give you some descriptions so you can think at what level you might feel more comfortable!

Level banderola (little flag) – Intermediate You have been dancing for around a year. Sometimes when dancing you feel a little limited. You do not know too many steps (or do not remember them freely) and you have some difficulties with the rhythm, especially if it is too fast or too slow. You still watch SwingOut with panic and move more comfortably with kicks.

Do not worry! You’re like a party banner, you need someone to pull the string properly so you can look amazing out there!!

Level Serpentina (serpentine) – Intermediate plus You’ve been dancing for around two years. You are at a pleasant moment of your dance. You enjoy a whole song and you have varieties of steps, but you still can not do them as you wouldreally  like. You begin to see that triplestep is not your enemy and you are increasingly able to convey the rhythm with your body … but oh! something doesn’t work and it is difficult to identify it …

You’re like a wrapped serpentine, you need this momentum to expand, show off and let out everything you know!

Level Llumeneta (decoration light) – Advanced You have been dancing a lot! . You are an experienced dancer and you defend yourself well in both social dance and classes. You understand what they tell you and applying it is not a problem, but you are waiting for that advice to make the “click” to go even further. A magical connection, an extraordinary bouncing …

You’re like a decoration light, waiting for those turns to make it shine all night long!

Solstice Level – Advanced plus

You do not remember when you started dancing, you are being taught both locally and internationally. Everything flows but you need to continue experimenting with your body and breaking borders.

You apply the knowledge you are provided with and train when nobody sees you.

You are like a Sostice’s night. A dance with you is a memory forever ! :)

Fireworks – Solo Jazz

Dancing in pairs is not bad, but you have decided that during this festival you want to dedicate to yourself. You want to explore the possibilities of your body, your rhythm, discover new vocabulary that you can then apply to your dance as a couple, understanding how weights, turns, memory work.

You’re like a firework, a bit of fire will make you fly up up up!

level description

level description