General Conditions


General Conditions for BeSwing Festival 2018:


The general conditions for those attending the BeSwing Festival, organized by Swingats de l’ala Empordà, is the essential part of the contract-registration between the Organization and the person that is registered in the BeSwing Festival. If you do not give your agreement to this document during the registration process, and therefore yo do not agree with the conditions, you will not be able to attend the festival.


1. Fill out the form on the web.

2. You will receive an email within a maximum period of one week with the procedure to follow to pay and thus book the place.

3. You can make the payment by making an income, or by bank transfer to the Swingats de l’Empordà account.


Once you fill out the web form, you will receive an email within a maximum period of one week with the confirmation of your registration and the corresponding fee. You can make the payment by making an income, or by bank transfer to the Swingats de l’Empordà account, and you will have a natural week to make the payment. If after this week the payment has not taken place, the registration will be canceled and the place released.

Once the transfer has been made, the Organization of the BeSwing Festival considers that the reservation is paid, and does not commit to a partial or partial return, to cover management and damages costs, such as not allowing pre-inscriptions after canceled, or others.

In any case, if you find another candidate (in your same role and type of registration) that will replace you, the change of registration will occur at no cost.

In cases of medical emergencies, which occurred in the days leading up to the festival, the Organization of the BeSwing Festival will assess the situation, prior to sending the relevant supporting documents. Medical emergencies are considered: accidents, bone injuries and / or bone rupture, sudden conditions of seriousness and need for hospitalization. The injury caused by weeks prior to the festival will not be considered medical urgency, with healing prognosis close to this. In these cases, the participant is responsible for informing the Organization, and requesting the change of name to avoid risks of not being able to attend at the same time of the injury; Or take the risk of waiting for the injury to be recovered to be able to attend the festival normally. In both cases the participant is responsible for this decision.


The Organization of the BeSwing Festival reserves the right to change schedules, location, teachers, bands and prices of the festival and / or parties, and communicate any of these changes through the web.


Swingats de l’ala Empordà will not be responsible for any physical damage, or theft / damage of belongings that may occur during the BeSwing Festival.

The Organization of the BeSwing Festival is not responsible for the actions of the participants during the festival and in no case is responsible for the damages that other assistants may suffer as a result of these actions.

The organization explicitly prohibits the participants from using any live fire, as well as firecrackers or fireworks during the festival. Likewise, it is requested that the smoking zones be respected and that cigarettes be shut off in the places duly intended for such purpose.


The user, the total or partial participant of the BeSwing Festival, being of legal age, in full use of his civil rights, declares that during the days of the celebration of this festival, he may be portrayed and / or filmed. These images are intended to portray the events of the BeSwing Festival, and under no circumstances is a mercantilist character of any of these images. The Organization of the BeSwing Festival is not responsible for the use that third parties or other companies do of these images without previous authorization.

By all this, I expressly AUTHORIZE the use of my personal image resulting from this festival for the aforementioned purpose, without this authorization being subject to any temporary term nor is it restricted to the national sphere of any country.

And in order for it to appear and have effects, I agree with this authorization under the provisions of Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, on civil protection of the right to honor, personal and family privacy and to the image itself.

Acceptance of these general terms implies the authorization of this clause on the assignment of image rights.

The personal data that contains the registration can be included in a file for its administrative administrative treatment, as the holder responsible for the file, making use of its own functions assigned and within the scope of its competencies Likewise, it is informed of the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, all in accordance with the provisions of art. 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Personal Data (BOE No. 298, of 12/14/99).


By signing this document, the assistant is obligated to behave in accordance with the general regulations and with the current laws of the Spanish penal code. In the case of committing any fault or crime, it will be placed under the jurisdiction of the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The organization puts at the disposal of the assistants a camping area next to where the festival is held that in no case it is a campsite, therefore the tents / vans will have to be planted as early as Friday 23 June from 3 pm and evacuate no later than Sunday 25 at 10 pm.


By accepting the General Terms and Conditions by BeSwing Festival attendees on the website’s registration page, they declare that they are fully in agreement with the content of this document, and that they will obey all its regulations and regulations.